Previous submission files and every image is not being displayed

Some time ago I’ve updated this OJS from to

I believe this problem is somewhat converged in the same solution but I’ll split things up:

N1. Every image on the journal is not being displayed
By that I mean, Page Footer, HomePage Image, etc.

I’ve noticed that the src path of the image it is fetching is this (example, I’ve just replaced the original’s hostname with

Clearly, it is adding the full path at the end of the URL, so I’ve went to check on the that files_dir = files and public_files_dir = public.

The images exist on the correct path.

N2. Previous submission files not being displayed

Traveling on the FileSystem, I can see every file that was submitted, they’re all here. However, I can’t access them on the webpage, being the only thing that is different from the current articles is that these articles are from a 2.4x version.

An answer or idea to any of these 2 questions would be greatly appreciated