Preview of Jounal Articles - Question marks or black boxes

Dear all,

in OJS, we have a problem with the preview of articles on the webpage.
In Safari (browser) there are blue question marks:

In Firefox, the preview shows only black boxes instead of signs:

Do you have any idea, how we can correct this? Of course, we would like to see the correct buttons instead of question marks and black boxes.

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi @kopi,

have you enabled the pdf.js viewer plugin? This looks like the browser wants to load the images for those buttons but is unable to reach them.

Please take a look in your server’s error log and see whether there are any errors related to accessing image files. These should be located in your OJS install at plugins/generic/pdfJsViewer/pdf.js/web/images.

They could be missing, in which case you would need to reinstall them i.e. from GitHub: pdfJsViewer/pdf.js/web/images at 41aca0b65f497b34e3fd3d238b6b424f017a5fc0 · pkp/pdfJsViewer · GitHub

If they are there, you might like to ensure that file permissions are set according to this recommendation:

In case you are not using the pdf.js plugin, this could point to a problem with your browser software or addons, because in this case, a local viewer software would be used.

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