Preserving PDF names

How do we stop OJS from creating bonkers files names? We have carefully named the PDF files for upload so they follow a standard pattern (JournalName-YearOfPub-etc etc) but we’ve just discovered that when you download an article, OJS assigns some bonkers file name like 63-##default.genres.article##-114-1-10-20201230 which you then have to rename locally because it’s, well, a bonkers name.

Hello @akerbeltz,

Please see forum posts here:

Changing the File names assigned by OJS after submission (explains the file name convention behind files)


Naming files in OJS 3.0 - #2 by asmecher (demonstrates where to customize the OJS code to be able to modify the file name changes).

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Hi @rcgillis
Thanks but I don’t want to change the files names after submission and I don’t want to have to take a degree in PHP to be able to bully OJS into coming up with a file naming scheme that I can do locally in a second. I simply want OJS to stop changing the names of PDF files I upload.

Hi @akerbeltz,

What you’re proposing is likely not possible without modifying the software code and/or developing a plugin. The issue of the file naming scheme and its’ use in OJS is one that has been extensively discussed by our developers and user community (See here: File revision names · Issue #2235 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub), so is not likely to be implemented in OJS.