Predefined messages

I have three feature requests.

  1. Predefined messages (email templates) can be sent through ‘notify’ option available in ‘submission’ and ‘review’ tabs but here there is no ‘upload’ option for any attachment with the mail. It would be great if ‘upload’ option is also added along with predefined messages
  2. There is an option to send email to reviewer in ‘review’ panel but here it lacks the options of ‘upload’ and predefined message. If predefined message and upload options are added here while sending email to reviewers, it will be a great step which would facilitate journal editors.
  3. Emailing in ‘add discussion’ area in submission and review panels also lacks the option of predefined messages. OJS team is requested to look into it and help.

Our journal editors have the same concerns. The lack of the ability to attach files to the standard notification email messages is especially frustrating to them, as many send the author a PDF containing the editor’s decision on the journal’s letterhead.

OJS 2 allowed attachments to predefined messages, so this confuses our editors even more.

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We’re facing the same issue #2 above, especially the unavailability of predefined messages when notifying reviewers.

This wish seems to be already reported in the bug tracker:

We’re about to upgrade to 3.1.2, so I haven’t tested it yet, but according to [OJS 3] Unable to attach files to notification emails, this has been fixed in 3.1.2. If you are not upgrading to 3.1.2 yet, I’ve described a workaround that should help.

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