Pre upgrade -> 3.x

We are getting ready to upgrade to OJS 3.x. Before we start anything I’m looking for advice as to how we should attack this.

My main concern is that statistics in our current install does not work properly. All I can get out of it is number of views. Nothing else produces any content in the CSV. I have no way of knowing if this is a php issue or a database issue. I suspect that upgrading our current version to 3.x will not magically fix this issue.

I always prefer clean installs. But I am guessing that importing all content from into a clean install of 3.x will not preserve or replicate the link structure? With articles from all these Journals being referenced in other articles around the world, there is no way we can do anything that breaks the links.

If anyone has any advice for either of these points I’m all ears.

Best regards
Geir Rosset

Hi @geirrosset,

The important URLs for statistics purposes (e.g. article landing pages) will not change with the upgrade to OJS 3.x. If you have access logs going back a long time, it’s possible to get the OJS 3.x statistics framework to re-process those logs by putting them back into the incoming log area and letting the stats processing work through them.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team