Portico Plugin: File Identification by Date is not Always Sufficient


this is not really a request, more a proposal to perfect this great plugin.

We have recently made the preservation agreement with Portico, and I was transferring directly from OJS all the back issues in several batches. Unfortunately, the batch zip files are identified by the transfer date only and newly uploaded files automatically overwrite previous files on portico ftp. So, after having transferred 3 big batches, I verified with Filezilla directly on the ftp, and I found that there was only one file. The work-around was to add a number to the filename before uploading a new batch.

I admit that this is an issue that might rarely occur, but it might be interesting for others to know about it.

Have a great day!

Hi Sebastian,

James here! I wrote that plugin, and I’d be happy to take a look at this change. It’d be very easy to do. Since you are hosted with us, I can actually make the change directly on your instance. Is it ok for me to proceed?


Hi James,

yes, why not, feel free to change and test it. Personally, I won’t have to transfer any batches anymore because I have transferred all the back issues we have – from now on, I’ll transfer only single issues that are identified by date, volume and issue. But who knows…

Thanks for the prompt reply, and best wishes!