Plugins error in New OJS

  1. key cloud plugin in not visible in front end of the site:
  2. when funding plugin enabled installed plugins loads for hours.
  3. custom block manager doesn’t create block instead of the spinning wheel spins after pressing on save for longer durations.


The latest release of the funding plugin is for 3.1.0. I will test it with the new OJS probably during the weekend and do changes if needed.

i gone through the 3.1.0 in that i faced the same error

Hi all,

Sorry, @ajnyga, I meant to ask before listing it as 3.1.1-compatible. I’ve temporarily removed it from the list.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Have you run php tools/upgrade.php upgrade after installing it. That creates the needed database tables.

There are many journals using it with 3.1.0. to my knowledge.

yes i did upgrade after that when i used to enable the plugin total site was been disturbed.
and more over this community not solved many issues in 3.1.0.

Issue 3: navigation items
for index page: adding title and selecting page after pressing save the page stands as it is it doesnt responds.
eg title: contact
Link to a page displaying your contact information.: contact
save=doesnt responds.

I also will test the key cloud plugin with the new OJS and do changes if needed.

dear @salman20054, i check the keyword cloud plugin, and it word with new OJS without problem. Are you put it on the active blocks in the appearance tab?

i done but y i am getting this error

i think i found what is the problem. in your test site there is not any article published yet so, there is not any keyword available, and in that case the plugin refuse to show itself.

ok all right i will try one submission and let you know