Plugin PKP PN display

Hi, I have activated the PKP PN plugin in a version OJS 3.3.0-11 and it is displayed as follows when querying the status, what should I do to make it look correctly? On the other hand, does this linking generate the record in Keepers? Thank you.


Hi @Ppantaleo,

About the texts enclosed by ##text##, that should happen when the plugin wasn’t translated to the language that you’re using on your interface.

By the way, what language are you using (looks like Portuguese or Spanish)?

To solve this issue, I recommend installing the “Default Translation” plugin:

About the second question, looks like an error happened in the preservation process, but it’s not possible to see the error, the rest of the information is not visible (maybe you can scroll to the right).

I just can say we had an instability on the server these last days (today it’s working fine), and that would be enough to block the process. The preservation process attempts to preserve the issues every day, so if the synchronization doesn’t work by today/tomorrow, the problem might be on your installation, and I can help you to investigate.


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Thank you. I have activated the translation module.
What the error shows is:



This is an error at the plugin (I’ve fixed it here: Missing mapping for the "inProgress" state · Issue #18 · pkp/pln · GitHub, but we didn’t release a new version of the plugin with the fix yet), basically it doesn’t recognize the status sent by the preservation network (inProgress) and considers something went wrong.

I can confirm the deposit has been received, and will probably be preserved in a couple of days (once all the involved organizations grab a copy of it).