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Salve a tutti, è la prima volta che scrivo su questo forum, sono journal manager della rivista, utilizzo il plugin “quicksubmit” per velocizzare la pubblicazione dei contributi. Purtroppo NON riesco a farlo funzionare con dei contributi che hanno più di un autore, quando inserisco i metadati e carico il file e salvo, nel sommario il contributo mi resta in stato di “lavorazione” (quindi non pubblicato).
Non riesco a venirne a capo, qualcuno mi può aiutare?

grazie infinite
tatiana mazali


Mi piacerebbe potere aiutarti, però non conosco bene la lingua italiana. Possiamo parlare in inglese?


Thank you Bruno, yes we can speak english… Tatiana

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Tatiana, can you please rewrite your first question in English? Thanks,


I’m using the plugin ‘quicksubmit’ to publish online the articles, but with the articles with more than one author The plugin doesn’t work properly, The articles stay in ‘working’ status, not published.

Thank you very much

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I’ve tested locally with ojs 2.4.5 and the plugin works for me for both one author and multiple authors. What I discovered is a bug when publishing directly to a published Issue. But that happens no matter the number of authors and it also publishes the submission, so I think that’s not your case.

Do you have access to your server php log error? It’s easier to look there for clues of what’s happening.

Related to the problem I discovered, I created an issue to keep track of it: QuickSubmit plugin fails when submiting directly into published issue · Issue #506 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub I will fix this soon.

PS.: Sorry, issue 506 it’s already fixed. The diff to fix that in your install is this one, if you do not have that yet:


thank you Bruno,
I gave up ! i did not use the quickplugin and i used the normal procedure
(start with a new submission and so and so…until the published status).
It works, BUT when i did the log out to check the result, the homepage
shows me an “old” version of the summary, and one of the two new
submissions i did doesn’t work (no visible link to the pdf file)
i send you some screen shot of my work path
picture 16 = uncorrect summary with errors as double version of wrong
files… (taken from
picture 18 = correct summary with correct files (taken from my editor page)

really thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Bruno I GET IT !
It seems ok now

thanks a lot
warm regards