Plugin for displaying JATS XML on article detail page under abstract for OJS3+


Can you additionally apply this fix: ?
edit: don’t try it yet. Found additional bugs.


Thank you very much !


I have made fix for that. Tested already on local machine and our production site, seems alright.
@varshilmehta, @David_Alarcon_davidy you need to update these 2 files: and
Can you confirm that all works fine? I am planning to close updates for this first release (other updates and fixed will go to the next release)

@varshilmehta, I remember that you want help with css. This requires work with theme, I will look at it on this weekend.

Also it is better to make report about bugs on the GitHub plugin’s page to make it all organised. I will notify about major changes in this topic.


Yes, works well. Thanks.


After a long search and hit and trial, I am also able to setup this plugin.
A ton of thanks to @Vitaliy and all those who have contributed to this.

I do have some problem with some of my tables; maybe my xml issue.
Next, I want to change the background blue color of the three tabs to suit to my header theme but did not find it even in article_details.css

Regards and best wishes,


you can try write in article_details.css something like:

.ui-state-active, .ui-widget-content .ui-state-active, .ui-widget-header .ui-state-active, a.ui-button:active {
    background: #5c2040;
    border: 1px solid #3c2d61;

with appropriate color.
But it may be better to pick needed colors from the jquery-ui site: , download theme with this colors and overwrite jquery-ui folder with it.

As for tables, can you show how you code tables in JATS?



Thanks @Vitaliy for your response.
Downloaded theme with needed color froom jquery-ui site and it looks better. See pic below.

Table are also good. There were p elements within td which prevented data to be presented. I removed p elements and its good to go.

Ongoing problem: Figure not loading. They are loading fine with elens. I upload all the figures in a web accessible folder and link them with relative path. Waiting for the solution.



Hmm. Figures should load without problems. You can try point the full path OR apply this fix for OJS: Artwork files for XML galleys
and upload files directly through dashboard as attached to your JATS XML (edit button near XML). Plugin supports figures in jpg and png formats. In this case you need to point only filename and extention in the XML.



Relative link did not work.
I used absolute link in the form of “http://localhost/public…/image_1.jpg” and voila, it worked.

Thanks. Now I am able to completely go to the production site with JATSParserPlugin.



I suggest to upload images through dashboard. That’s more native way. Although for eLife Lens Viewer to render them you will need to apply @ajnyga’s fixes:
Nevertheless I am not a developer of Lens Viewer so cannot guide you how to fix it.


Hi, greetings.

Is there any way to increase the width of the main text column and decrease the width of the right info bar (affixed one)? Thanks.



can you try the following code in your custom css or child theme? Let us know the results.

div.pkp_structure_content.has_sidebar > div#pkp_content_main {
width: 70% !important;

.col-lg-5 {
width: 30% !important;



It will decrease the width of the main front page. So cant use it.


My college also supports the idea, that this sidebar is to wide.
For native bootstrap way, apply these fixes:


Keep in mind, that for further narrowing you need to change class of this element:
for example class with “fornav col-lg-3 col-md-3” will make it more narrower. Or apply new css rule.



Dear sir,
Can you help me with the codes to embed youtube file in xml so that it is displayed by this parser as well as with elens.?



Again the same problem. Every other page’s content is shortened in the width. Huge gap between the margin line of the blocks and the text on the left which includes the title and the pages number as well.Have a look. I think it is because of div id=“pkp_content_main” class=“pkp_structure_main” role=“main”>


You can try this to affect only 1 page:

Other is normal in my case. I’m afraid you need to look through developers tools in you browser by yourself ti find the problem.


Lens Viewer not supports the video from youtube.

with Lens Viewer and JATS Parser plugin embeded video will look like this:

<p>Something here in a paragraph. A link to the (<xref ref-type="other" rid="media4">video 4</xref>).</p>
<media content-type="glencoe play-in-place height-250 width-310" id="media4" mime-subtype="mov" mimetype="video" xlink:href="">
<label>Video 4</label>

But in case of Lens Viewer the video from youtube will not be playable


It worked like a charm. Thanks


Dear @Vitaliy,
This plugin is superb and is functioning well.
I have two problems so far:
a. Contents of tables are all centered. I add style=“align:left” into the tr or col but it does not seem to work whereas this works fine with the lensViewer.
b. I am not able to superscript or subscript the letters. I add sup or sub tags but the contents within these tags are not displayed in the article detail page. But, it works well again with lensViewer.

Can you look into this?
Warm regards.