Plugin (DOIs) with CrossRef

If i register the DOI plugin CrossRef with username and password, the system will register the back issues content also? How to avoid that? I need to register automatically from the beginning of next issue. No need of DOI for the already published.

Someone may have a near-term workflow suggestion for you, but I wanted to note that you probably want to follow this issue:

I think it points in the direction of “the plugin doesn’t do that yet, but look for it in OJS 2.4.8”.

The option above (to exclude an article from assigning it a DOI) is already in the current OJS release (in the article metadata form).
If you apply the following patch, you could exclude all objects (e.g. articles) of an issue with one click, using the button “Exclude Issue Objects” in the issue data page/form: pkp/pkp-lib#859 issue objects DOIs option available also if there is … · pkp/ojs@04c2b50 · GitHub


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