PKPPN not deposit found


We have a journal with id 36B18389-7723-465B-93DE-DB3FCCC6C34D and status of PKPPN plugin
The PKP PLN can accept deposits from this journal. but any deposit


Hi @Enrique_Manuel_Touce,

Please try some of the troubleshooting hints noted here: GitHub - pkp/pln

Best regards,

PKP Team


All hints are correct. Any idea ?


Hi @Enrique_Manuel_Touce,

I’m not sure what you mean by “all hints are correct”? Can you clarify, please?

PKP Team

I check this points

  • The pln plugin depends on 2 database tables, namely the ‘pln_deposits’ and
    ‘pln_deposit_objects’ tables. If those tables are not in your database, you
    may not have installed the plugin properly.

Tables are created and has content

  • The ‘plugins.generic.pln.classes.tasks.Depositor’ task must be inside the
    ‘scheduled_tasks’ database table. If not, try ‘Reload Scheduled Tasks’ from
    the Plugins gallery area, under the Acron plugin.

I check the scheduledTask and all days are executed

  • Search the plugin’s logs in the ‘scheduledTaskLogs’ folder within the OJS
    files directory. Files named ‘PKPPLNDepositorTask-id-datestamp’ should
    be found there.

This is the log of yesterday

[2022-02-02 17:26:24] [Notificación] Se ha iniciado la tarea.
[2022-02-02 17:26:24] [Notificación] PLN Depositor executeActions started
[2022-02-02 17:26:24] [Notificación] Depositor processing for Investigaciones Sobre Lectura.
[2022-02-02 17:26:24] [Notificación] Getting service document.
[2022-02-02 17:26:25] [Notificación] Processing deposit status updates.
[2022-02-02 17:26:25] [Notificación] Processing updated content.
[2022-02-02 17:26:25] [Notificación] Processing new content.
[2022-02-02 17:26:25] [Notificación] Packaging content for deposit.
[2022-02-02 17:26:25] [Notificación] Trying package deposit 90 (Issue: 732) (Local Status: [Nuevo], Processing Status: [Desconocido], Lockss Status: [Desconocido]

  • In the scheduled task log files, if an entry like ‘[date time] [Notice] Task
    process stopped.’ is found, then the process seems to have exited as it
    should. Otherwise please check the PHP logs for more info/errors.

  • If an issue fails to be packaged, it may be useful to try and export the issue
    from the native import/export plugin. Possible export problems may cause the
    PLN Plugin to fail to send the failed content, and the native import/export
    plugin may display some hints on why the failure occured.

I export the first file and its ok

Hi @Enrique_Manuel_Touce,

Thank you for the clarification - I’ll see if one of our staff is able to comment on this when they are available.

Best regards,



Thanks, I don now why deposit is not working

Same problem here, I guess. Deposits are In progress for 8 days…
Journal id: 39DCBDF5-50C0-4A7E-8898-9E542588E84B.

Two months and there is no deposit, any idea