PKP Support forum (old forum) should have a proper banner redirecting to the new forum


I am a long user of the pkp support forum. Today when I was searching about an issue with OJS I ended up in a thread in the old forum. when I tried to reply to a post or post a new topic I noticed that I could not!
It took me a while wandering in the forum, and trying to see why I am banned! to understand that the forum has moved to new address

the notice regarding this change of address only shows up for the main forum address and not the subtopic pages,

I suggest you create a post, or pinned announcement in the top of the forum (similar to the "Software Hosting and Development Services available at PKP Publishing Services") .

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Hi @Dani,

I’ve added a note to the red “Forum Rules” area at the top of any page within a forum, including posts.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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