PKP Private LOCKSS Network and journals not publishing through OJS

Continuing the discussion from PKP launches FREE preservation service with LOCKSS:

Step 4 in the journal setup process (“Management”) provides a radio button option that says “OJS will not be used to publish the journal’s content online.” If this is chosen, can the private LOCKSS network still be used? If not, you might want to clarify this in the announcement, which currently claims that any journal that has published at least one article can use the network.

Thanks Kevin. Our assumption was that if a journal has chosen that option, they are not publishing with OJS - and thus not eligible for the PKP PLN. Perhaps changing the wording to say something like “…has published at least one article ONLINE USING OJS can choose to agree to the terms…”?

Yes, I think that would be clearer. Perhaps “online through OJS” would be even clearer.

Done! I’ve updated the post now. Thanks!