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My PKP PN plugin does not seem to be functioning. The network status states that the PKP PLN can accept deposits from this journal, but no deposits have been made. From what I understand, the plugin is supposed to automatically deposit the journal’s content. I have accepted all the terms of use and my journal identifier is: 27CE004E-EA00-47B0-895B-019583B1111F. Please note that I am currently using OJS Thanks.

Hi @Mohamed_Agoor,

Can you verify what version of the PKP PN plugin you’re using?

PKP Team

We have a couple of journals with that plugin activated in our production site … the OJS version is and the plugin version is

One of the journals states Network Status: The PKP PLN does not know about this journal yet. and the other one states Network Status: The PKP PLN can accept deposits from this journal.

Both of them have around 10 deposits pending. but they didn’t appear until several days after the plugin activation.

I don’t know how does that message affect the result of the plugin’s work… but it seems to be working… or at least it is doing something.

Hi @rcgillis,

I am using PKP PN v2.0.3.1. Thanks.


Mohamed Agoor

Hi @Mohamed_Agoor,

Thank you for this additional information. I’ll see if some of our team members can look into this and assist when they are available.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Dear all,

I do apologize for intruding your conversation, but we have the same problem (journal URL
Plugin is installed, PKP PN and LOCKSS in distribution settings are enabled. We use OJS and OJS and plugin version should be compatible (this is the first time we are trying to activate Lockss (and to be a part of Jasper project)).
I have also tried to fix the problem with simple refresh of the plugin - but there is no change. I am librarian, so I do not want to experiment with anything that I will possibly spoil …

Thank you,

Hi @Mohamed_Agoor and @Anja_Mas,

Are you sure your journal is set up to run scheduled tasks? You’ll need to either set up a cron job on your server (see docs/ for details), or turn on the Acron plugin in OJS.

If one of those two is set up, then check the debugging hints listed in pln/README at main · pkp/pln · GitHub.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @asmecher ,

thank you very much for your prompt answer.
Acorn is turned on. We have reloaded scheduled tasks and we will wait now.

Thank you again!
Have a lovely day,

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