PKP|PN Plugin install

I have an install of OJS3.4 and in the admin section it says the following:

PKP Preservation Network (PN)
The PKP Preservation Network (PN) provides free preservation services for any OJS journal that >meets >a few basic criteria. To archive your journal in the PN, ask your administrator to install the >PKP|PN >Plugin from the Plugin Gallery.

But in the gallery I see no PKP. Question is, how do I add it/install it? I searched the documentation but couldn’t find anything besides this link:

Hi @Zarevac,

If a plugin is not showing up in the plugin gallery that is a good indication it has not been tested against your version. So far as I can tell, the PKP PN plugin has not been upgraded to be compatible with OJS 3.4 and work toward that is ongoing.

PKP Team

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Hi Roger,

Makes totally sense, thnx!!

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