PKP PN plugin in OJS 3.X

Hi, we are trying to add and use PKP PN plugin and we get a bit confused because on the site GitHub - pkp/pln it says that version 3.4 or greater is required , but the latest version so far for OJS is Does that mean that it is not possible to use PKP PN yet?

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Viveka Svensson

Hi @bsvvi,

Thanks for your post. You can look at specific releases that are compatible with specific versions here: Releases · pkp/pln · GitHub

Please note that we advise that plugins are installed via the Plugin gallery as the main method, as this can help to ensure compatibility with your version of OJS.

However, I do agree that that’s kind of confusing that 3.4 is indicated on the README for the Github repo. I suspect that it is because that is reflected in the most current version of the plugin that is being worked on @jonasraoni - any thoughts on this?

PKP Team

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Hi @rcgillis,

Everything you’ve mentioned is right :ok_hand:


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