PKP PN LOCKSS Status is Unknown

I install PKP PN plugin and configured with LOCKSS but now after 3 days the LOCKSS status can’t be changed.
Please tell me what is the issue?
PKP PN Plugin Status

Hi @zaffarshah,

If you’ve just installed it a few days ago, it may still take a bit of time to show up. Do you see your journal in the list referenced here: ?

If after a bit of time it still doesn’t show up, you may want to look into some of the troubleshooting resources here:

and here: pln/README at main · pkp/pln · GitHub

PKP Team

Yes I install this plugin 10 days before and configured. As per your suggestions I am waiting, let see status will update and also searching in your given link but I coudnot found my journal record in Keepers Registry. Best Regards.

Hi there,

we’ve got quite the same problem here for a few months now. The thing that is strange, is that 3 issues are correctly preserved. But I’m unable to make the same with the others issues.

The error message is not helping :expressionless:


@zaffarshah, could you please tell us the URL of your journal? I’ll check what’s happening on our side.

@claivaz that’s just a minor issue in the plugin, which has already been addressed (but not released yet) at Missing mapping for the "inProgress" state · Issue #18 · pkp/pln · GitHub. It doesn’t break the process, soon we’ll release an update covering this issue and others.


my website URL is . Kindly check

Thanks @zaffarshah!

I found 9 deposits in our system, all of them have been sent to another service, which is responsible to take care of the preservation, on May 24.

So there’s nothing more we can do for now. The other service is out of our control, we’re just waiting for them to update the status to “completed”.


Thank you Jonas for your answer and your work.
Best regards,

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As an update, I think it might take up to 30 days to finish the process (I see a lot of pending deposits which were sent after May/22, but very few before this date).

We’re going to check what’s happening with the old ones which are still in progress (0.03% of total deposits).

As there’s nothing more we can do, I’m closing this topic.