PKP PN indexing not working

Hi we are running a journal hosted as “” and published so far 23 issues.

Recently we have installed PKP PN plugin to enable the PKP PN archiving.

Its been more than one week since installed, but the local status is shown as “Transferred” but all other fields are shown as “unknown”.

OJS version:

PKP Plugin version:


Any help?

Thanks and Regards

Hi @saravanabalaji,

It can sometimes take several weeks for issues to get into the PKP PN, but if you want to ensure that your instance is configured correctly, you can see some of our troubleshooting tips here: GitHub - pkp/pln

PKP Team


its been three weeks since we installed the plugin in the platform. Still the processing status and lockss status are “Unknown”.

Our journal PKP-PN unique identifier is “72617518-B21F-477B-86A1-EFAE313B3D95”.

Any help?

Thanks and Regards


Our journal got preserved in PKP PN.

Thanks for the support.


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