PKP PN error: Unknown processing state harvest-error

Hola buenos días necesito ayuda con este error que me está dando el PKP PN. Cuando reviso el estado del módulo me dá este error, que puedo hacer para solucionarlo.

pkp pn

Hi @didascalia!

There are two issues here:

  • The plugin should be displaying a helpful error message instead of “unknown …”, I’ve created an issue to handle it here: Missing mapping for the processing state: harvest-error · Issue #20 · pkp/pln · GitHub

  • About the harvest error, I just checked and the staging server failed to validate the certificate of your journal last time it tried to download the deposit (around Match/2022), but the latest deposits worked, perhaps your journal had a temporary issue some months ago.

As we’re not dealing with money, I’ll check internally with our staff what they think about disabling the certificate validation… Problems can happen sometimes (e.g. expired certificates).

Well, I see you’ve already reset the failed deposits (I guess it will work this time!), so I’ll close this topic.
If the staff agrees about disabling the certificate, I’ll ensure the deposits, which failed with the same error as yours, will be reprocessed.