PKP-PN does not know about this journal yet

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
Dear staff
Journal of Composites and Compounds; eISSN: 2716-9650. I have installed PKP-PN plugin and checked all terms and conditions as well as LOCKSS license. The journal unique identifier is: 724FE889-****-0C7BD871C31D
However, the publications are not deposited in PKP-PN.
I always see this message: Network Status: The PKP PLN does not know about this journal yet.
Please help us in this way
Journal website:

Application OJS

Hello @Composites_Compounds,

How long ago did you enable the PKP PN plugin?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis
About 3 months ago

Hi @Composites_Compounds,

Hmm… it would likely show up in our lists then. And you don’t see it on this list: ?

PKP team

Hi @Composites_Compounds,

There’s something wrong with your plugin, this link should be returning something:

I’d say the plugin isn’t enabled… Perhaps you can try to “clear the data caches” in the administration panel, then disable and enable the plugin.

If it doesn’t work, there must be an error somewhere. Can you access the link that I sent and take a look if something interesting appears in the PHP error log of your server?


Dear Sir
/ No I could not find the Journal of Composites and Compounds here

Hi @Composites_Compounds,

Your journal will appear in the list only after an issue is successfully deposited.
Please take a look on my previous message, we’ll need more information to understand what’s happening.


I face to " 404 Not Found" error when I want to go to webpage below:

My Plugin is installed here:

Hi @Composites_Compounds!

I see you didn’t install the plugin through the Plugin Gallery, is there any specific reason?

To install the plugin manually:

  • You should rename the folder pln-stable-3_3_0 to pln
  • Ensure that you’ve executed composer install at the pln folder
  • Ensure that you’ve executed php lib\pkp\tools\installPluginVersion.php plugins\generic\pln\version.xml to install the plugin

After these steps, you should have these two tables in your database: pln_deposits and pln_deposit_objects.


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