PKP-PN deposit problem

Describe the issue or problem
I’ve configured the PKP-PN plugin

Steps I took leading up to the issue
If i check status i’ve got this

In the log I’ve got the following

How can i do to résolve this situation.

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-8

best regards


What’s the address of your journal?

Jonas Raoni

Hi jonasraoni,
The url of the journal is

We have two duplicated OJS in differents domains:
About some deposits: both PKP Pn report
Unknow LOCKSS state inProgress

@tdolley, I’ve restarted the process for your failed deposits, last time we tried to download the deposit from your server it stated the file didn’t exist.

@Ingenieria_UC, it would be better if you create another post to decrease the noise here. About your problem, I can confirm the deposits which have Unknow LOCKSS state inProgress are either completed or in progress. This issue has been fixed in the plugin, but we didn’t release a new version with the fixes yet.

Jonas Raoni

@jonasraoni the problem is still the same , any idea what may causes this issue


I’ll leave comments for each status:

  • In progress: It’s going to take a while to disappear. We’re solving issues within a node of the network, and the deposit will be considered as complete, just after all the nodes get a copy of the issue.

  • XML error: I see some issues have this status, it looks like an error in the software ended up generating a bad package. If you’ve updated OJS recently (after the deposit was created), you may try to re-send those failed deposits again (there’s a button in the interface to do it).

  • Harvest error: I can’t see these ones anymore on our side, the issues have been downloaded, perhaps it’s related to a bug that I fixed in the plugin (Deposit status is sticky to error messages · Issue #58 · pkp/pln · GitHub). We’ll release a new version of the plugin, once you get it, it will fix the problem automatically.

Jonas Raoni

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