PKP-PN deposit not working

Hi there. I installed and configured the PKP-PN plugin about five months ago, but no articles have been included.
Journal ID: A13BBC57-FA34-4672-9D15-E4725EBD1D10

Here are the screenshots:

Our OJS installation is

Hi @luisaveras!

Sorry for the delay, your journal is on our system, but we haven’t received any deposit so far.

The system attempts to deposit the issues by itself every day, and generates a log file with information about what’s happening. The logs can be found inside the folder {$files_dir}/scheduledTaskLogs, it’s a file starting with the name PKPPNDepositorTask.

  • You need to show us the content of the most recent log file.
  • It will be also helpful to provide the error logs from the server (all items from yesterday are enough).

Jonas Raoni

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