PKP-PLN Questions

Apologies for reposting but I think this got lost (I tacked it on to another, older request and it didn’t get answered).

A question about a term in the agreement: “I agree that the PKP-PLN reserves the right not to preserve or make content accessible.”

Can you provide further details? What are the reasons that PKP-PLN might not preserve or make content accessible? Assuming it’s something egregious, but, if this does happen, do you notify journals in advance so an alternate arrangement could be made?


p.s. Also, is PKP-PLN up and running now?

Hi Nancy,

We added that term in order to protect ourselves from potential abuse of the PLN. Even though we apply a number of automated validation tests to content coming in from participating journals, we cannot guarantee that someone won’t find a way to work around the safeguards we put in place. Rest assured that we would not execute this term unless someone committed an egregious violation of the service. In the rare instances where we might deem it appropriate and necessary to refuse service we would certainly inform the journal of our action.

We’re in the middle of our final round of acceptance and integration tests for the PLN and intend on launching very soon, probably within a couple of weeks. One thing that you can do to prepare for inclusion in the PLN is to upgrade your OJS to version 2.4.8, which was released just today. If you enable the PKP PLN plugin and accept the terms of use now, your journal will start generating deposits automatically once we open the PLN up for general public use.

Mark Jordan
PKP Team

Thanks, Mark. This is a great forum for getting help!