PKP PLN plugin for OJS 3.1

I would like to inquire whether the PKP PLN plugin is available for OJS 3.1.?

As you may know, the use of the plugin is a prerequisite for getting the Seal of the Directory of Open Access Journals, therefore I believe it is urgent for a very high number of journals.

Hi @shortmartin,

I am not sure if the PKP PLN is the prerequisite for the DOAJ. I konw few journals not having PKP PLN, but inlcuded in the DOAJ.

Regards, Primo┼ż

Dear Primoz,

Thank you for the repsonse. The PKP PLN is a prerequisite for the DOAJ Seal. I am in daily contact with DOAJ as we are registering our journal there.

Do you have any news when will the plugin be released?


Closing the topic as the plugin is already available for this version.