PKP PLN plugin for OJS 3.1

I would like to inquire whether the PKP PLN plugin is available for OJS 3.1.?

As you may know, the use of the plugin is a prerequisite for getting the Seal of the Directory of Open Access Journals, therefore I believe it is urgent for a very high number of journals.

Hi @shortmartin,

I am not sure if the PKP PLN is the prerequisite for the DOAJ. I konw few journals not having PKP PLN, but inlcuded in the DOAJ.

Regards, Primo┼ż

Dear Primoz,

Thank you for the repsonse. The PKP PLN is a prerequisite for the DOAJ Seal. I am in daily contact with DOAJ as we are registering our journal there.

Do you have any news when will the plugin be released?