PKP PLN Plugin for ...not in Generic Plugins

We are using OJS and would like to back up our journal with LOCKSS using the

We were told to go to Journal Management → System Plugins → Generic Plugins → PKP PLN Plugin and then enable the plugin. However, the plugin does not exist in that location in our system:

![unnamed|465x500](upload://cKunnamed Qq1jHRKKVSZglbYDtbT1Lyv0m.png)

How do we (re)obtain this plugin?

Thanks so much.

You can find the code in GitHub:

Or in the original download:

Thanks. We tried this, but our system says it’s already installed… which is a bit weird because it’s not listed.

Check to ensure that the case on the folder and filenames is unchanged. For example, a folder name of “PLN” instead of “pln” might cause this discrepancy.

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