PKP PLN Lockss Status “unknown”

@ctgraham We have installed ojs 2.4.8 and using PKP PLN plugin but its lockss status is still unknown. In addition another issue is not being picked up by PKP PLN.

The journal unique identifier for our journal is as follows
please check for this neither the lockss status is being updated nor its appearing in the link you are pointing out : Scholarly Exchange
Please help us to resolve this issue.

Log of my PKPPLNDEPOSITOR TASK is as follows
[2019-12-16 22:47:07] [Notice] Task process started.
[2019-12-16 22:47:07] [Notice] Depositor processing for Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences and Humanities.
[2019-12-16 22:47:07] [Notice] Getting service document.
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Processing deposit status updates.
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Deposit 1 has unknown LOCKSS state deposited
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Deposit 2 has unknown LOCKSS state deposited
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Processing updated content.
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Processing new content.
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Packaging content for deposit.
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Sending deposits to the PLN.
[2019-12-16 22:47:08] [Notice] Task process stopped.

The Scholarly Exchange hosting service mentioned in a previous thread is specific to clients of that service; you won’t expect to see your journal there.

The scheduled task log indicates that the process is running to completion, but the service is returning an unknown LOCKSS state for your two deposits. We’ll need one of the PLN service administrators to look into this in more detail, based on the unique identifier you’ve already provided.

I’m going to tag @mjoyce here.

We are still waiting for some of the box admins to complete a configuration change. Until that happens the deposits will not reach the complete stage.

Thank you for your response.
How much time it takes to complete the process. We are waiting for your earliest response.

How much time admin will take to resolve. We are still waiting.

There is no update on my issue, no one is replying to my query how much time it will take to resolve this issue please help me regarding this. I am waiting for your positive response.

Many PKP staff are currently enjoying end-of-year holidays, so responses in the forum may be slower than normal.

It sounds, however, like PKP is waiting on third-party partners to reconfigure the servers around the world which mirror the PLN, and may not have a specific date of when these partners will complete the work.

Still there is no update. Can you please resolve my problem. ???

Hi. dear @mjoyce can you please look into it again. It’s still the same issue. Please need your active support.

Hello Nadia. Your journal has two deposits which have been downloaded and processed. The LOCKSS boxes have not verified their contents yet - that may take a day or two.

I see that you have reset one of the deposits a few times. Each time you do that the deposit has to be reprocessed, which can take several days. Please be patient.