PKP PLN functionality and notificaion after a change of terms


Can someone (probably @mjordan or @mjoyce) clarify if I am reading the functionality of PKP PLN plugin correctly with regard to changing terms?

If a Journal Manager has previously accepted a now-outdated version of the PLN terms of use, the deposit functionality will continue as normal until a journal manager visits the plugin’s settings page. On the first visit to this page, the old agreement is cleared, a trivial notification is displayed to the screen, and depositing is disabled until the new terms are agreed.

The plugin will contact the PLN staging server ever 24 hours to check for new terms, and before sending a deposit. If the terms have changed then the old agreement is cleared, the deposit is stopped (if there is one), and a notification is queued for the journal admin. The notification will be displayed when the admin views a journal management page (and possibly any page in the journal).

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Thanks. I had missed the call to PLNPlugin::getServiceDocument() in Depositor::executeActions().