PKP PLN: can not see any content being harvested

Dear community,

I have just enabled PKP PLN plugin to deposit issues to LOCKSS, but I can not see them being deposited. We have 5 issued published so far. Am I missing something? What do I need to trigger to start the process?
PKP PLN Plugin page

Hello @Vladislav_Mavrin.

Can you post your journal URL here? I don’t have enough information to find your journal in our systems.

thank you for your reply

here is the URL: Современное строительство и архитектура

Your journal has made five deposits, which have all been successful.

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Thank you!

Yes I can see it now

You’re welcome. It’s normal for deposits to take a few days to get through the system.

@mjoyce Just wanted to ask one more question,

I tried to search The Keepers Registry for the content harvested from the journal by PKP PLN:

But got this message: This item is linked to one or more e-journal records, but is not reported as archived by any of our Keepers. However, the last dataset from PKP PLN was received 01 May 2017 and should have had our content. What could be the reason?

Thank you.

Interesting. Your journal is definitely included in the ONIX feed that Keepers Registry uses.

@mjordan do you have any thoughts? The deposits reached agreement in LOCKSS on 2017-04-03.