PHP Version to use for OJS 3.3

Hi there,

we have to update our PHP Version, and so I wonder which PHP Version would be best? Is OJS/OMP 3.3.x fully supporting PHP 8.2?



I am using it with 8.2 without issues now thus far. But, you might want to see what someone with more experience has to say :wink:

According to README and pkpDocs with 7.3 or greater you are fine… but I have seen people complaining of 8.2 for the very last versions.

My answer will be… depends on the 3.3.x version you like to use:
For the early 3.3 I would go with php7.4, but for last release I’m working with 8.1.

May be @asmecher can be more precise.


Even if OJS 3.3 works fine than 8.2, a plugin might not support it. If you use third-party plugins (eg from the gallery), I suggest avoiding PHP 8.1+ for now.

Thanks to all for your replies!
I think we go with 8.1 then.