Peer Review Metadata

Dear Collegues,

I have just downloaded and installed OJS 3 program and started uploading the previous numbers published in the years 2017 and 2018.
I comunicate that the Journal, to date, has had a website in wordPress, has allowed submission of articles and has executed the double-blind peer review process through the mail of the editorial staff.
In the website OJS we highlighted the type of revision adopted and precisely on the page management/settings/publication

We have to upload the previous issues of the magazine and its articles (the peer review process has been realized and it’s closed) now. If we insert the articles as JOURNAL MANAGER through “ACCEPT AND SKIP REVIEW” are produced metadata products that can invalidate the request for the registration of the Journals in some databases (e.g.: Doaj, Web of Science, Scopus, etc.)?

For future issues it’s possible to utilize the procedures used in the past (through the emails of the staff) without invalidate the request to register the Journal in the databases (eg: Doaj, Web of Science, Scopus, etc.)?

Where we can attach the PDF (containing the mails to reviewers with the card to be filled out, the mails of the reviewers with the compiled card, the mail sent to the author with the cards of the reviewers) that testifies the double-blind peer review process executed the mail of the editorial staff?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi @agathonjournal,

As an other user, I also find interesting your questions and relevant to me.
Did you find some answers at the end?
How have you managed?