Pdfs of papers can be downloaded from Firefox but not from Chrome

We are using OJS 3.3.017 (PHP version 8.2.18). We have recently started using OJS and still in the process of configuring. You may see your site at https://journals.du.ac.bd/. We shall host 20 journals here. Everything was working fine, but since yesterday whenever we are trying to download pdf’s of published papers, Chrome is not allowing the download to start. When giving the full URL (e.g. https://journals.du.ac.bd/index.php/dujs/article/view/16/9) to force start the download, Chrome says ‘This site isn’t using a secure connection and the file may have been tempered with’. I suspect we might have installed some plugin which is causing this problem, as the problem was not there till yesterday.

Any suggestion how to resolve the issue?

Hi @asifcsedu

Try setting the “force_ssl” directive in config_inc.php to “On”:
force_ssl = On

I suspect that this will solve the problem.


Thanks a lot. Problem resolved.

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