PDF viewing problems after upgrade and downgrade 2.4.8 -> 3 -> 2.4.8

I did an upgrade from 2.4.8 to the latest version of OJS3. When I found out that the templating system had changed big time in OJS3 and my client didn’t have any budget to redevelop the templates for OJS3 we returned the backup (OJS-files and database).

But now none of the article PDF’s show in OJS.

Did the upgrade from 2.4.8 alter the filenames or could there be something else going on? I’m baffled at this.

Also I should mention there are zero error-messages. Also none in the php error log.
I would expect at least either a 404 message or a 500 error if the file is not found. Instead I see just a blank page.

Hi @brrrm,

The upgrade rearranges the file storage area (files_dir in config.inc.php), so you’ll need to make sure that’s restored to its 2.x state as well.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team