PDF View/Download Issue

I have facing pronblem when a user/visitor try to view/download a pdf file. it says loading error, and it downloads an html file when clicking on the download button. please help me to solve this issue.
screen record link of that problem

Hi @aamunim,

Can you please indicate your OJS version number (e.g. 3.3.-0-8) - this assists others in troubleshooting. Additionally, are you able to report on any errors from your PHP error log - I see this is occurring for a number of your articles so it might point to a more widespread issue occurring with your journal/OJS instance.

PKP Team

Have you made a recent server change or a change in the location of the files folder?

  1. the file path may be incorrect (config.inc.php “files_dir” line.
  2. The files folder may be empty.

Could you check these and the php error logs?

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my pkp version is OJS

my file directory is files_dir = /home4/discint/journals/fileses22/
i don’t found any pdf files in this folder :frowning:

What’s in the Other Files folder?

Can you edit the “files_dir” line as below and try again?
files_dir = /home4/discint/journals/files

“fileses22” only has 5 submission folders. Probably your other articles are in the “files” folder.