PDF tag with articles in two languages


Tomorrow we are going online with a Journal in which we have been working for a long time.
The Journal is bilingual (English/Spanish) but every final galley is in both languages, as we have worked with translators.
When uploading the final galleys I had to choose a language (I chose Spanish, although they are all bilingual) so now, when publishing, all the English speakers visitors see in the PDF tags something like “PDF (Español)”. Is there a way to remove the language from the tag? To show only “PDF”?
I already looked in all the other posts from people having similar problems and apparently I just need to modify this:

function getGalleyLabel() {
	$label = $this->getLabel();
	if ($this->getLocale() != AppLocale::getLocale()) {
		$locales = AppLocale::getAllLocales();
		$label .= ' (' . $locales[$this->getLocale()] . ')';
	return $label;

As I am not an expert on php I would kindly ask if someone could tell me what shall I change, in order to have in all the PDF tags just “PDF” written, not mattering which language visitors are using.

Thank you very much,

Hi Guillermo,

The idea with selecting the language when you upload a galley is that if you select “Spanish”, the galley label (“button”) will say “PDF (Español)” when you are viewing the English version if the website - but if you switch to the Spanish version if the site, the button will just say “PDF”.

Likewise, if you select “English” when you upload the galley, the button will say “PDF (English)” if you view the Spanish version if the website, but it will just say “PDF” if you view the English version of the site.

The purpose of this feature is for journals to be able to upload two different versions of the article (rather than having both versions in the same file).

Here is an example of a bilingual journal where you can “toggle” between English and French.


As you can see, if you view the website through “French eyes”, all labels say “PDF (English)” whereas on the English version if the site, it simply says “PDF”.

Hope this is helpful. (perhaps you already knew all this!)

I don’t know how to remove the “Español/English” part of the galley label, but if you separate the two versions you will see that this is a feature and not a bug. :wink:

Best wishes,