PDF Label not showing

Hello, i want to ask
why PDF label not showing ? its only 1 submission have a PDF Label, the others doesn’t have PDF label
i already put the PDF in editor galley…
anyone can help me… thank you51

Hi @Ridwan_Akbar_Nurcahy

Whether or not a file is included on the list depends on whether or not it is considered a supplementary file by OJS, not necessarily that you’ve created a galley. You can look at Settings → Workflow to see the different types of Article Components. If a file was uploaded as a file that has either of the checkboxes checked off, OJS won’t include a link to it on the issue table of contents.


sorry, i still dont get it

hi Ridwan,

It has nothing to do with the galley label you use. You can create a galley with any label you want, PDF or whatever. OJS only looks at the type of file that was uploaded (the category of the file, is it Article Text, or whatever, it doesn’t even care whether or not it’s an actual PDF file), to determine whether it should put a link to it in the table of contents.