PDF files assigned to articles are not shown on the article page

I’m able to publish new articles, but article assigned PDF files are not shown anywhere on the front-end of the website (article page).

I’m using OJS on PHP 7.2.34

Here an example of the page:

Please advise. Thank you!

Hi @damarkovx,

Where are the PDFs uploaded in the Production stage? They need to be uploaded as “Galley” files (not production-ready files) to appear in the published issue.

Can you confirm whether you are still seeing this problem with the PDFs uploaded to the Galley section?

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As @kshuttle said, you have to add the PDF files yourself in the last step (in Publication - Galleys).


@kshuttle and @kerimsarigul thank you both! You solved the problem! :slight_smile:

The PDFs were not uploaded as Galley files and uploading them in that place also shows them in the front-end. Much appreciated!