Payment for authors


I use OJS 3.1
Is it possible to make authors pay for the publication of their articles? If possible, how? Help please.
In the “Payments” menu, in the “Enter the payment amounts below to enable author payments.” i entered the payment amount, but nothing appeared anywhere.


Hi @Djon_Straater,
In order to enable author fees for the journal, you will need to first enable payments in the Distribution settings. This will allow you to select a payment method (manual or PayPal), and connect a PayPal account. When you set up author fees in the Subscription settings, it will give the editor the option of requesting the fee at the end of the review process, when the article is accepted. The author will then receive a notification in OJS and an email requesting payment through the channel that you set up in the Distribution settings.
Please let me know if this answers your question or if you would like further help.
Best regards,

Thank you for your response,
I have already done all this, but the request for payment did not appear.


Hi @Djon_Straater,
The option to send a payment notice to authors will only appear when the article is being accepted for publication after peer review. It looks from the screenshot above like you are accepting the article without review. I would suggest putting the article through peer review, and the option to add the fee should appear in the author notification, as below.
Screenshot_2020-09-17 OJS-Request-payment-author-acceptance

Thank you very much
everything is resolved