Password Reset Link is showing expired, but sends a new email with the password

Hi All,

Recently, I upgraded from OJS 2.4.8 to I am having trouble with forgot password email. After clicking on that reset link OJS is showing link is expired but it is sending another email with a temp password.

Thanks in advance.

Nikhil Motwani

Hello, @nikhilmotwani,

This problem is also detailed here: OJS3.2 Reset Password Link expired but a new password was sent out - #6 by Tarcisio_Pereira

A potential cause of this problem is detailed (you might want to check if this is the case with you as well:

The most common cause for this is that users get impatient waiting for the expiry email to be received, then click the button again. Then the first email arrives but the link has already expired because a second email has been sent. Can this be the case in your experiment?

Our lead developer also notes that:

I’ve been unable to replicate this behaviour in a recent release of OJS; if someone is able to walk through it and debug on an installation that’s experiencing it, that would be helpful.

So, we may not be able to assist without further debugging information - if you’re able to provide that - that would be helpful.

PKP Team