Papers scheduled for publishing get moved to the archive

Application Version - OJS 3.2.1

Description of issue: We used to schedule for publication papers close to be ready e.g. in the copyediting stage so we could have an idea of the status of all the papers to be published.
Now when you schedule for publishing it moves the paper to the archive. This has as a result that the copyeditor doesn’t see them in his/her pipeline although the papers are still in copyediting stage.
Any ideas on how to avoid the problem?

We are receiving similar reports of problems with this behavior. Many of our journals are scheduled out for a couple of years, and assign submissions to future issues before they have completed copyediting and layout.

Richard Higgins
Indiana University Libraries

Cross-linking: Add 'archive' button in production stage · Issue #5709 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Thanks so much, @asmecher! I’m going to add the relevant text of your answer from GitHub.

Editors can assign a submission to an issue without scheduling it for publication.


  1. Go to Publication > Issue
  2. Click Assign
  3. Assign to an unpublished issue.
  4. When the publish modal pops up, click the X to not schedule it for publication.

The submission will remain in the queue. Beware, though, that when the issue is published this submission will not be published. When the submission is ready for publication, the editor will need to go in and schedule it for publication.

Note that while the submission can be assigned without scheduling it won’t appear in a future issue TOC until it’s been scheduled.

This two-step process is important, because from 3.2 there’s a new pre-publication validation step. An editor can assign a submission to an issue at any time. But it can not be scheduled for publication unless it passes configured validation rules. By default, we’ve only got a rule that it is in the copyediting or production stages. But plugins can extend this to add pre-publication checks.



I’m having an problem that’s related to the 2-step process on our installation of 3.3.05. My editors want to be able to somehow assign/schedule their papers to an issue in such a way that allows the articles to show up in “Future Issue” TOCs so they can see at a glance what is slated for for upcoming issues as articles are accepted and get sent into copyediting and production.

So adding the choice between “assign” and “schedule” has complicated that process because we’d want the articles to show up listed in the future TOC but not get switched to “archive” (as they still need to be managed through the copyediting and production phases).

I understand the reasoning for your decision but I’m wondering if there is a solution for this? Could we treat it so either:

a. assigning an article to an issue still allows it to show up in the issue TOC, but maybe marked in such a way that shows it’s not “scheduled” yet?

b. when scheduling an article for publication, have a choice whether to move it into archive or not? I noticed a similar idea was proposed here: Permit submissions to remain in workflow lists after addition to catalog · Issue #2199 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

This would be very helpful for us. I’m curious if anyone else who schedules their issues a few years out and likes to be able to visualize their TOCs is having this problem?


Natalie Eidenier
Michigan State University Press