Pages locale error import xml

Hello, how can I specify the locale attribute on the pages element?

  • Element ‘{}pages’, attribute ‘locale’: The attribute ‘locale’ is not allowed.

Hi @virpac,

Can you please indicate what specific version you are working from (e.g. 3.3.0-11)?

PKP Team

11111OJS version

i want to do it how is it possible?
<.pages locale=en_US>1-3<./pages>
<.pages locale=ru_RU>1-4<./pages>

pls help me,I have already tried everything possible

Although the database schema for the publication supports locale for pages, the XSD Schema native.xsd in the native importexport plugin misses the attribute definition for locale. The pages element has been defined as simple string only.

You would both have to adapt the plugin and the XSD schema.

@rcgillis Please report this as an issue on Github.

Where is this file located to change it?

Hi @mpbraendle,

I don’t have experience with this issue, so I’d encourage you to recount your experience adn report this as an issue on Github here: Issues · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

PKP Team