Page submission workflow settings not display after updgrade ojs - and

error log :

/home/musik/htdocs/lib/pkp/lib/adodb/ on line 1003PHP message: PHP Warning: Declaration of PKPStageParticipantNotifyForm::execute() should be compatible with Form::execute(…$functionArgs) in /home/musik/htdocs/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/users/stageParticipant/form/ on line 126PHP message: ojs2: DB Error: Unknown column ‘assoc_type’ in ‘where clause’', referer:

Hi @rudimahesa,

You’re updating from 3.1.1-4 to 3.1.2-4? Version 3.1 is no longer supported by PKP is there a reason that you’re needing to stay on version 3.1

PKP Team

i am using ver first time. and I have updated it to version 3.1.2 ,. and something like this happened

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