Page numbers in OMP

Hi there,

is it possible to add page numbers to each chapter in a volume? I know such a function exists in OJS, but I couldn’t find it in OMP.

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Hi @UBWolf

There is no such feature/metadata field in OMP yet…


Hi @bozana,

thank you for confirming for me unbelievable information. I have been looking in the code to find page number and could not believe such a basic data is missing.

Can you please consider adding this attribute to the OMP in upcoming release?

Best regards, Primož

In the latest version of OMP, page number and abstract option is available in the backened however its not displaying anywhere on the frontend.
I just hope OMP will have seperate landing page for each chapter containing its complete chapter metadata including abstract.

HI @aabahishti,

Can you explore a bit more about page number being supported in the backend? I can not find it anywhere.

Regards, Primož

In OMP 3.1.2-2, while editing chapter, pages option below abstract section as in ss below-ppomp


Is there an option to add the number of pages for a whole monograph also? So far I only could find fields for the number of pages for the front and back matter in the galley files metadata.