Page numbers in Issue TOC

Hey there - i just browsed the forum for information on adding page numbers to the articles of an issue already published. I found that, and it basically works, however:
Now, in the view issue mode on the frontend, the page numbers are displayed after the authors name WITHOUT neither space nor tab nor other separator (see , Editorial)

Is it possible to define a separator for that somewhere? It looks odd if the page numbers are pasted directly to the authors …

Thanks a lot,

Hi @Jesaiah

You have in your CSS file a rule where tag <p> with class “author” is “floated” and joining with page numbers.

.issue-toc .authors {
    float: left;

Edit (or ask to your IT staff) as your needs (adding margin, padding, content or remove float) and you will split author name and pages.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thank you! I will give that a try.

With default values in Bootstrap I have
page numbers like this:
Maybe styling should be changed.

Found that, changed that, and it basically works.
HOWEVER, after inserting the page numbers the sequence of articles in the issue changes … and I have to re-sort the entire issue manually so that it corresponds again with the order in the (PDF)ToC.

Not a critical problem - although I wish I knew the reason for it to avoid it in the future …

greetings cw

@Jesaiah, I still cannot see any page numbers at your site.

You are right. I tried the changes on our test system. The productive system is still untouched. Pity that the testserver is locked for adresses outside our university … you will have to trust me on that.

On second thought, I did that change for demo purposes on the productive system.

Look here:

I inserted the page numbers in two of the articles: Wessely (On history and hermeneutics) and Heimerl (Rampant Lepers). I sorted Wessely up manually; Heimerl, who is supposed to be second in list (and was before inserting the page numbers) is now the last in the section even though the page numbers displayed are correct.

I will leave it in that status until this evening.