[OxS] Is it possible to add next and previous submission navigation

Hello all,

An important (but overlooked) feature needed for editors is the ability to navigate within the submissions (much like the request in Prev Next Article Navigation Button (Pager), which is also very interesting), but within the unassigned, in review, in editing and archived submissions (still not really knowledgeable of OJS 3 queues yet).

The links should navigate to the current context page (summary, review, editing).

Is this easy to create or feasible in any way?
Typing the ID at the URL or returning to the list is cumbersome in so many ways, as well as time consuming, especially when dealing with lots of submissions and other tools to manage the process (yes, we use a spreadsheet to manage submissions, as there is info we need not readily available within the queue, as well as features we need, such as editorial team comments and suggestions for reviewers to assign to submission, that do not exist!).

According to my knowledge of OJS code, the submission context wouldn’t be allowed/aware of the complete submission listing. That would have to be added to the template and secured to only editors/section editors roles… Apparently, possible…