[OxS] Feature Request - Provide option for author to request removing article from journal

Hello everyone,

During our experience with editing journals, we have noticed the need for a new editorial decision: WIthdraw submission, although it’s unusual.

The reasons may vary, but mostly due to a long period of review, too many rounds or difficulty in correcting the article.

This would allow us a more precise metric in terms of rejections, but it may seem too much of a detail for a lot of work to implement, as it would require e-mail templates and other controls in programming and database (maybe?).

I’m not sure if other journals have experienced this.

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Hi @ramon,

There is a comparable feature request/open issue for this here: Allow papers to be withdrawn without recording a rejected decision · Issue #1813 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis ,

Indeed, the withdraw discussion is exactly what we need.

The discussion on retraction is also a must…

Can’t wait for OxS to implement these features!

They’ll save lots of work.