Our OJS modification. Could it be useful for other users?

Hi everybody.
I would like to show you an OJS modification we have included in our journal, edited since 2000, “Historia Constitucional”
When creating a Section we thought it would be useful to create sub-sections which could be different for each issue. So, we have added two new fields into “Create a Section”:

  • Name of subsection
  • Section it depends on.
    Like this:
    This is how it is finally shown in the web:

I think this would be an interesting issue to add in future OJS updates.

Thanks a lot.

This sounds interesting. Is the source code of your modifications available somewhere or would you consider loading it up onto GitHub?

It looks like your site is using OJS 2.x, which is not the current version any more. Do you have any plans on implementing your customization as a plugin for the new OJS 3.x as well?

Thanks ojsbsb.
I am not a computer technician but I will ask our expert for providing me the code and I will be glad to upload it for you.

Yes, we would like to upgrade our OJS version, but the problem is making our modifications work with the new version. In fact, any time we had upgrade the OJS we have found the same trouble: including our modifications. If OJS would have “subsections” available in the original code it would be really great.

Best regards.