Ordering issues and sections does not work in OJS 3.3.0


ordering issues and sections does not work in at least two of our 3.3.0 installations. Tables “custom_issue_orders” and “custom_section_orders” are empty .

The problem was reported before, in older OJS versions:

When clicking “done” nothing happens.



$this->getUserVar(‘csrfToken’) is empty.

error log: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: CSRF mismatch! in

sections seems to use column “seq”, but some values are 0.

Hi Carola,

There’s a commit addressing this issue. You need to cherry-pick it for the ordering to work. Let me know if you need any further assistence.

Best regards,

Josh Noronha (he/his)
Systems Specialist
PKP|PS Support Team

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Hi @jnoronha,

thank you jnoronha, but I use OJS 3.3.0 and already have this code.

There seems to be a problem with

We have another 3.3.0 installation (tag 3_3_0-8-8-g30dae2974d) where this line is not yet there and ordering works. The newer installations (tag 3_3_0-8-18-g8665ac7121) have this line and the ordering problem. If I comment out this line, ordering works.

$this->getUserVar(‘csrfToken’) is empty, this is why the match fails.


This appears to be a duplicate of this post; I’ll close this in favour of the other.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team