Order of items in Editorial History in OJS 3.0

As I can see viewing Editorial History of our test submissions, an order of displayed events isn’t quite according to the time of the event, for example, ‘Submission Acknowledgement’ appears before ‘Initial submission completed’. For an editor, it would be better to have the recording of events ordered accurately by time with the full date and time (with an hour and minutes) displayed.

Also, the field ‘User’ in Editorial History is quite confusing: sometimes it means a person who did the action and another time it means a person to whom a message was addressed.

These are minor issues, but perhaps they could be improved?

Hi @ania,

The events should be listed chronologically – the submission acknowledgement email may in fact go out just before the author confirms that the submission is complete. Do you see other irregularities in ordering?

The confusion in users is likely because some of the listings are “events”, and others are “emails” – I believe we’re listing emails by recipient.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher, what I have seen from our test submissions in Editorial History so far is:

1. For emails:

‘User’ means a sender of an email for Subjects:
Article Review Request,
Able to Review,
Article Review Acknowledgement,
Editor Decision,
Copyediting Request.

‘User’ means a recipient of an email for Subject:
Submission Acknowledgement

So, perhaps for emails, the meaning of the field User could be unified?

2. For events:

‘User’ means a person who actually was logged in (even if he/she used someone
else’s account to do the task – using ‘Login As’ functionality) - and that’s ok I think.

As to the ordering of emails and events:
Acknowledgement email went out before the author confirmed that the submission was complete only when submission was made by JE using ‘Login As’ functionality (submitting an article on behalf of the author).

I spotted these items as being in reverse order:
2016-09-23 – Anna Skórka – An editor decision (Request Revisions) for article 7 was recorded by Krystyna Stankiewicz
appears after:
2016-09-23 – Krystyna Stankiewicz – An email has been sent: [APPB] Editor
Decision (Our decision is: Revisions Required)

My questions:

Why the record of submitting of a review by a reviewer doesn’t appear in
the list in the Editorial History of a submission?

And what should I do to see also an hour and minutes in the displayed dates
of the events?

Thank you,


Hi @ania,

I think the issue here is that sometimes an (editorial) action can trigger several logged events, and the order of logging can become a little arbitrary since the events effectively happen at the same time (e.g. a decision being recorded and an email being sent describing the decision). Would that explain the confusion?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for reply @asmecher, perhaps displaying an hour and minutes would be sometimes helpful.

Hi @ania,

you can change this in the templates by using e.g. $datetimeFormatShort instead of $dateFormatShort which will display the date like this:
2016-10-21 10:25 AM

Hope this helps

Claudia Jürgen