ORCID Problem During Registration

I installed OJS 3.0.2 on my server. I activated the ORCID plugin. During the registration using the ORCID, the following message appears: “There has been a problem with the server. If this problem persists, please contact support.” Any help, please.

Have you checked your Orcid plugin settings? The API key etc.

Thank you;
The ORCID API setting has 4 options; Public, Public Sandbox, Member and Member Sandbox.
Which one I should select?

You probably do not have a full ORCID membership (around 5000 euros per year) so if you are in production, you should choose the “Public” option.

You also need to sign in to your personal ORCID account’s Developer tools:

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There is something not correct. When I want to register and click on button of “Create or connect to your ORCID”, I get the following message; see the image pls. Also, I cannot access my ORCID account using this window,

You probably chose “Public Sandbox” to setting when you should have chosen “Public”.

Also, you should first go to the http://orcid.org site, log in with your Orcid username and account and then go to Developer tools. There you should register the site you are using the orcid plugin.

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